About Sarasota Schools

Woman teaching kids guitar

Sarasota schools are literally among the very best in Florida, one of only two districts that have been “A” rated since ratings began in 2004. In FSA scores, our students rank in the top five districts statewide for both test scores and letter grades.  Sarasota County students consistently outperformed state academic standards.  

Quality teachers want to teach in Sarasota County public schools. Sixty percent of our teachers have a master’s degrees and above in Florida. This means our children learn from the top teachers in the state.

Sarasota County taxpayers have long demanded the school district provide more comprehensive educational choices that include art, music, drama and sports and to do so without charging extra student fees.

By voting YES on March 20th we will continue the important funding that has made our schools so successful. Continuing the 1 mill does not increase taxes, it only continues what we currently pay.  Additionally, the funding can only be spent on students in the Sarasota County school system.

Vote Yes March 2Oth

Quality Schools Protect Our Quality of Life